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Wouldn’t you like to send bulk e-mails to your customers on official and religious holidays or special days? Sending a well-designed email at the right time with an effective work is a fast, cheap and effective promotion method.

Instead of using outlook or your email client to send your new product promotion, holiday celebration messages, you can use our Bulk E-mail Sending system. If you wish, we can send the design you will send to your customer list (bulk holiday message, bulk special day message, special invitation) in bulk mail. We will do this periodically on every holiday to reduce your workload.

And without the spam.

By complying with all international bulk mailing rules, you can send bulk mail without getting caught in spam filters…

Achieve success accurately and measurably by using the mass mail system correctly and effectively.

Bulk email sending system;

  • Easy message preparation
  • Creating easy email lists
  • Group your email addresses
  • Spam-checking message content
  • To be able to check in advance whether the mail to be sent will be caught in the spam settings of the recipient and edit it so that it will not be caught in spam settings
  • Ability to make personalized shipping
  • How to remove a recipient from your list with one click
  • Ability to check the correctness of your e-mail addresses
  • Ability to check if your messages have reached the other party
  • Determine whether your messages have been read by the recipient
  • Detect clicks on links in message content
  • Ability to send messages at desired times and with desired periods

and has many similar features.

Sending your bulk messages via your non-productive mails such as Gmail, hotmail, yandex mail will be restricted and will be detected as spam. It is also a loss of prestige for your business. Sending from your own Outlook account can also cause your regular messages to be marked as spam.

What can you send?

  • Sending official and religious holiday messages
  • Sending messages on special occasions
  • Sending periodic e-newsletters
  • Sending a mass Eid greeting message
  • New product introductions
  • Campaign notifications
  • Mass notifications to your existing customers
  • Mass messages of support
  • Other messages

With the spam filter checker, your messages are less likely to end up in the junk mail folder.

Bayesian filter is an antispam filter that checks the message being delivered to the user using different algorithms and decides which e-mails to classify as junk mail. This filter is used by many e-mail applications such as Outlook, thunderbird, apple mail, etc. The spam filter checker used by the ASO Bulk mailing service notifies you of the possibility of your message being marked as spam by making suggestions as you prepare the mailing. It gives you suggestions so that the message you send does not get caught in spam filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bulk e-mailing?

  • These are electronic mail messages that companies send to their customers or potential customers once or periodically.

What can be sent with a bulk email account?

  • You can send e-newsletters, campaign notifications, holiday messages or similar messages.

Can I check the accuracy of the e-mail list?

  • yes Before sending bulk mail, you can check the correctness of the addresses in your mailing list and remove unauthentic or misspelled email addresses.

Do you give e-mail addresses?

  • no We cannot provide any email address data. It is forbidden to send to email addresses purchased from outside through our system. Your email addresses must consist of existing customer email addresses.

Can we use the bulk mail sending account in Turkish?

  • yes You can use it.

If we give you our bulk e-mail addresses, can you send on our behalf?

  • Yes, we can ship to your customers’ addresses at no extra cost.

Can we upload our e-mail addresses to the system in bulk?

  • yes You can group and upload your email list, which you will prepare in formats such as excel, txt, csv, to the bulk mailing system.

Can we check our message for spam?

  • yes you can check your message for spam before you send it and remove any spammy words and edit your message accordingly.

Please call us to open a bulk e-mail account.

Important Note: Bulk email sends are only sent to your authorized customer base.

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