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One of the promotional products that corporate companies use the most and offer to their customers as a promotion is notepads or blocknote Notepads are designed in many different shapes and formats suitable for the corporate concept of companies. It is a good promotional alternative due to its high usage and circulation. Strengthens your corporate image among customers.

Notepadsor notebooks are produced in different sizes and shapes according to the intended use. A4, A5, A6 are the most preferred sizes. Generally, 70-110 gr thick 1st pulp paper is used. It can be perforated, with top or side cover.

Plain white logo can be printed, checkered, striped. All pages include your corporate logo, slogan or information about your field of activity. This strengthens the memorability of your brand or company.

You can call us for different notepad design and printing.

90 gr 1. notepad notebook with pulp paper, logo, brand and address printed. A5 size and 50 sheets.

1 in A4 size. pulp paper, checkered, logo printed and file archive notepad notebook with file hole on the left. Clamshell on the left.

Squared, top glued, logo printed notepad notebooks that can be easily torn off each page.

promotional notebook design

promotional notebook design

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