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A very practical hanging tape that allows you to hang your products on market stands. With the plastic adhesive hang tag, it sticks to the edge of your products in boxed or bagged packages so that you can hang your products wherever you want. The adhesive product hanger is made of hard plastic material. The back is self-adhesive. It easily sticks to the box or bag of your products and does not leave it. You can stick the adhesive part to your product and hang your product wherever you want. A practical product that allows you to hang your product on market shelves, stands or any display stand.

Thanks to the self-adhesive plastic hanger, you do not need to make a special hanging box or special packaging for your products.

transparent product hang tag
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Plastic product hanger apparatus can be used for displaying CD-DVD boxes, boxes of food products, displaying your textile products, electronics, building products in every area you can think of. Hanger tape is very practical and economical compared to other plastic hanger alternatives.

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pvc hanger, plastic adhesive product hanger, hang tab


transparent hang tag plastic
transparent hang tag hanging bracket


You can use our plastic hanger product to hang many different product packaging. Hanging a CD-DVD case is just one of them.

PVC Product Hanger

PVC (plastic) product hanger is a practical product with a self-adhesive back that you can stick on the back of the product boxes to be exhibited in markets and stores. Made of 250 micron PVC material. There is double sided tape on the 8 mm part of the hanger. 2 hangers are located on one conveyor belt (photo below). For this reason, it is very easy to detach the tape from its carrier and attach the strap to the product. This type of plastic hangers is perfect for hanging small, boxed, bagged products in grocery stores. The bearing strength of the slings is high. You can easily hang up to 500 grams of products. Please contact us for more transportation capacity. Product dimensions are below.



  • Plastic adhesive hanger 25×25 mm or 4×4 cm
  • Material thickness is 250 microns
  • Material is PVC
  • Hanger hole diameter is 6 mm or 6×30 mm.
  • The part you will stick to the product is 8 or 12 mm.

Plastic Box Hanger Adhesive Back

2 hangers are on a single band. So it consists of 2 hangers back to back. This makes it extremely practical to remove the strap from the double-sided tape carrier. This allows you to quickly mount hangers on a large number of products in manufacturing and assembly workshops.


Hanging rack, market shelf hanger

Plastic hanger glued to a product box. A practical product that you can use in markets, stores and every area where it needs to be displayed.

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pvc plastic product hanger bracket


adhesive plastic transparent hanging bracket

Plastic adhesive product hangers can be designed and produced in any size and shape you want. Perfectly adapts to the shape of your product. We can also produce rolls suitable for gluing in automatic machines. Please call us for details.

Hang Tag Types

– Euro and round hole rigid hang tags
– Hook type rigid hang tags
– Thick adhesive straps for heavy transport
– Flexible hang tags
– Sheet type hang tags

Hang tags details

– Thickness: 200, 275 350, 500 Micron APET (PVC-free, recycled plastic – Different thicknesses can be produced in appropriate quantities upon request)
– It is produced in rolls and sheets.
– Tapes with high adhesive strength
– Various recommended carrying weights from 170 g to 600 g
– Different hole types (Delta hole, euro hole, round hole and hook type)
– Suitable for automatic machine use.
– Special production can be made to order. (quantity must be high because of mass production)

Why should you use our hang tags?

– For over 10 years we have been producing quality products that are industry approved.
– Affordable prices that every business can use
– Most of our products are in stock. We deliver the same day or the next day.

All our hanging apparatus are produced using APET plastic. APET is a highly transparent plastic, APET is more environmentally friendly than using PVC as it can be easily recycled, an important factor for our contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

More information, Interested in Pricing? Examples? Then contact us today and we can help you right away.

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