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Post-it® note papers, a registered trademark of 3M, consist of partially adhesive note papers produced in different sizes and thicknesses. With Post-it® notepads, you can jot down ideas that come to mind and keep them in mind so that they are not forgotten. Post-it® note papers are eye-catching. It has bright vibrant colors. It is an important reminder. It never lets you forget the details of your ideas. It is the most important consumption product in the office and stationery department. Available in 450 sheets 3M Post-it® 636B Yellow, 100 sheets 654RBM Ocean blue, 100 sheets 654RBY.

If the little notes you take in your office or on your desk get lost and you can’t remember where you put them, Post-it® notepads are for you. Yellow, green, blue or a different color. With its remarkable feature, Post-it® puts an end to forgetfulness in your business life.

  • 76×76 mm, 450 sheets yellow
  • 76×76 mm, 100 sheets ocean blue
  • Post-it® index. 25.4×43.18 mm, 50 sheets blue

3M Post-it® Types

  • 3M Post-it® 636B Adhesive Note Paper 76 mm x 76 mm Yellow 450 Sheets
  • 3M Post-it 654RBM Adhesive Note Paper 76 mm x 76 mm Ocean Blue Shades 100 Sheets
  • 3M Post-it 654RBY Adhesive Note Paper 76 mm x 76 mm Spring Green Shades 100 Sheets

Printed Sticky Note Papers

Plain and special cut Notepads

  • We can produce adhesive note paper in standard or special sizes, in different sheet numbers, plain or special cut printed.

Standard Sizes

  • 5×7.5 cm … (adhesive on the 5 cm side)
  • 7.5×7.5 cm … (adhesive on the 7.5 cm side)
  • 10×7.5 cm … (adhesive on the 10 cm side)
  • 10×15 cm … (adhesive on the 10 cm side)
  • 30×15 cm … (30 cm adhesive side – largest size)

Standard leaf numbers

  • Adhesive note holders of the above sizes can be produced in 25, 50 and 100 sheets.

Offset Printing

  • 4 color CMYK or special pantone colors can be printed as offset.

Customized sizes or sheet counts

  • Any size smaller than 30×15 cm (adhesive part 30 cm) can be produced. There is no limit to the number of leaves.

Custom cut sticky note holders

  • They are adhesive note holders cut with specially shaped blades. Oval, round, with your logo or in any shape, these notepads are a very stylish reminder. The maximum number of special cut sheets is 100.

Standard paper colors

  • White, pastel yellow, pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel green. There are also standard sticky note paper colors in Vivid (Neon) yellow, neon orange, neon pink and neon green.


  • In addition to standard 5-color plastic bookmarks and bookmarks produced with special colored papers, clamshell bookmarks can also be produced. See here.

Adhesive note holder sets

  • We can produce adhesive note holder sets with special hard cover or cardboard cover. Glossy cover and hard cover models of standard sizes can be made.
    • 5×7.5 cm … (adhesive on the 5 cm side)
    • 7.5×7.5 cm … (adhesive on the 7.5 cm side)
    • 10×7.5 cm … (adhesive on the 10 cm side)
    • 10×15 cm … (adhesive on the 10 cm side)
    • 30×15 cm … (30 cm adhesive side – largest size)
  • An example of a hard cover note holder set is on the right. Other examples can be found here.
  • 10.5×8 cm and 10.5×16.5 cm glossy cover and hard cover model is the most preferred size. Sticky note holders with non-standard lids can also be made.

Special projects for sets of sticky note holders

  • Manufacture of sticky note holders with variable data;
    • We can produce some pages or all pages of sticky note holders with variable printing. You may want some pages of sticky notes to contain your special messages
  • Special boxed sticky note holders;
    • Sticky note holders can be produced in boxes reminiscent of the packaging of your special product. In these products, Z-type adhesive note holders are used.
  • Mobilize your dreams and design, we will produce.
    • Magnets, adhesive note holders, order forms, shopping lists and many other applications

Examples, applications


custom cut shaped postit

Special cut note holders. You dream and we will produce.

special cut postit

Examples of flat cut sticky note holders. It can be produced in different sizes such as square, rectangular, with or without lid. It can also be produced by combining several different sized note holders. We can also produce sticky note holders with variable data.

hard cover postit sticky note holder

An example of our sticky note holders with lids. Consisting of 2 different sized sticky note holders and 5 colored bookmarks, this note holder is produced with a thick, hard cover. Hard cover note holders can also be produced with optional leather cover.

Click here for more sticky note holder examples.

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