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We have a team with professional formation. When we design a catalog, we work with our in-house engineers. We work with translators who are experts in technical translation. You don’t have to retranslate translations already done. Machinery, automation, electrical-electronics are our main subjects.

Agency types used to be quite simple. you have advertising agencies, temporary agencies, for example. These more traditional agencies had types that accurately described what they did, so things were simple, clear and didn’t require a lot of explanation.

We are rapidly moving into the modern world and there are web design agencies, web marketing agencies, software development, agencies providing SEO services, SEM, social media advertising and e-commerce agencies… The list is quite extensive.

With our team with technical engineering formation, we probably know you. machines, injections, extrusions, robots, granules, valves, cylinders, coils, chillers, chillers, panels, chemicals are topics we have been talking about for years.

Agencies of all types have strengths and weaknesses. As a technical agency with knowledge, experience and experience in technical matters, we share our expertise in design, promotion, translation and other technical matters.

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