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1. Aso Ajans Medya Tanıtım ve Endüstriyel Tasarım Hizmetleri Sanayi Ticaret limited Şirketi is a website that provides online shopping to its users, where it is given that various products and services are sold, including but not limited to sales service for software products. Please read the conditions below. Your access to the Site and your use of the “Services” on the Site are subject to the following written legal conditions determined between you and Aso.

2. General Terms of Use: From the moment you start using the Site, you are entitled to access, use and receive commercial communications, commercial electronic messages, certain services, interfaces and functions offered on or through this website and other related sites, if any, and through this site.
i. Entering and using this site means that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of use policy. Your “declaration of acceptance” in any form or form is not required for this.
ii. You are deemed to have accepted the terms of use written here by selecting the “acceptance and approval” steps in case you need to become a member or make an explicit declaration of acceptance for any service provided by Aso.
iii. If you believe that you are unable to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Terms of Use and privacy provisions or that you are unable to meet the conditions of consent/permission, do not use this website. However, if you are not of the age required for the validity of your declaration of acceptance or if you are restricted, do not use this site and services as your declaration of acceptance will not be legally valid.
iv. A special set of additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of, or interaction with, certain services on the Site.

3. Monitoring/Change of Terms of Use: The site is constantly renewed and updated by Aso in order to provide the best possible service to users (The term user is used as a general term that refers to anyone who enters the site, including membership).
i. Changes may occur in the services offered depending on innovations and updates.
ii. Aso has the right to make changes to the site services, terms of use or to introduce new / additional services and new / additional conditions at any time without prior notice. Changes will be made available on the site so that you are aware of all necessary terms of use. Subsequent use after such modification constitutes acceptance of such modifications.

4. Utilization of Content and Services: i. The use of the services provided on the Site is subject to the conditions written herein and to the permissions and limitations stipulated by the legislation. ii. Some of the logo, brand, promotional material, data file, written text, information, news, opinion, advice, advertisement, announcement, sound, music, video, photograph, visual and similar content (“Service Content”) on the Site may be published partially by Aso and partially by other sources. iii. Aso does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information, communication, commercial electronic messages or other websites that are linked or provided information from other websites or linked sites and does not assume any legal liability. iv. Third party information and quotations on the website are for promotional purposes. Aso and/or the owners of this content reserve the right to change the content and terms of service without notice. v. Unless otherwise stipulated by Aso, users do not have the right to sell products or services, make commercial advertisements, advertisements and similar attempts, trade by using the site pages, services or service Content. vi. Aso has the right to determine the Content of the Site and Services as it wishes and may offer the Site and Services together with advertisements and promotions. Advertisements and promotions do not have to be directly related to the Site and Services. Aso may change its practices and tariffs regarding advertisements as and when it wishes. vii. Users who make use of the service content and services are deemed to assume the risk associated with the content to be obtained through this site or services. Aso assumes no liability or warranty obligation for services and products provided by third parties. Aso has no warranty obligation for the services or products to be purchased, the only authority to which the user can refer in this regard is the service provider or manufacturer. viii. Aso reserves the right to pre-qualify, review, review, draw attention to the content, change, refuse, reject, completely or partially remove, remove from the scope, remove from publication or block access to the service Content belonging to members / service providers, placed on the Site, sent, believed to bring any damage or burden to other members or users, without any obligation in this direction. Translated with (free version) ix. Aso may trade user/service Content and may generate revenue from it by any means. The User acknowledges and agrees that the User unconditionally consents to the use of the User Content by Aso.

5. Responsibility for Use of the Site and Content: i. By accepting the Terms of Use, you accept responsibility for all actions you will take if you use the Site in any way. The User has the right to intervene or not to intervene according to the Service Content on the Site or any communication to be carried out through the Site, regardless of its source. The legal consequences of the decision to be made in this regard belong to the User who connects to the Site. Aso assumes no liability in this regard, except as provided by law. ii. Aso cannot be held responsible for any material, moral, legal, financial consequences or indirect damages such as loss of earnings that may arise due to any use, including the use of the content and services provided through the Site inaccurately, unlawfully or unlawfully. Consumer rights reserved.

6. No Guarantee: i. This Site and the Services are made available to Users on an as-is basis and without warranties of any kind, either specific or general, written or oral, to the fullest extent permitted by law. ii. Aso does not warrant that the functions and Services contained on this Site are secure or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the server used to make this Site available, or the Site itself, or any third party. It does not guarantee that the sub and parent sites/links belonging to individuals do not carry viruses or other harmful content. iii. Aso does not give any explicit or implicit commitment that the Site and the Services provided will meet all expectations, purposes and special needs and will be uninterrupted and of sufficient quality. Aso assumes no liability to Members and Users for consequential damages such as loss of profit, consequential damages or indirect damages due to the Site, Services or Service Content. iv. The User/Member must sign (or approve) the relevant sales agreement (online license agreement) before purchasing any product/service through the Site. All terms and conditions regarding the sales transaction are regulated in the relevant contract and Aso does not assume any other responsibility or guarantee other than those stipulated in the relevant legislation. v. Aso reserves the right to bind the Services to some additional conditions without prior notice, to discontinue or close the site in general, to change all content, Services, visual design and similar elements on the site in whole or in part, to make them unavailable or to make them paid.

7. Top and Bottom Links: This site contains third party links that Aso does not own or control the operation of. sub-sites and supersites operated by individuals may be found and linked to, and links/information may be provided to them. Aso does not have any guarantee or special commitment regarding the content, suitability, security, privacy policies and continuous communication regarding these sites accessed. Aso cannot be held responsible for the personal information provided to these sites, the content and services utilized from these sites and the privacy policies and practices of these sites. The same irresponsibility rule applies to other site links, information provided by Users.

8. Conditions of Membership: i. Registration: Aso may condition the use of the Services on Membership/Registration, organize different membership categories, and change the existing categories. Some identification and contact information may be requested during registration or sale, partial or full fees may be charged for the Services or restrictions may be imposed on the Services. ii. Member Name and Password: The name and password are given to the Member or created by the Member. iii. Membership Information: Any information entered during registration, placed on the Site and Services, transmitted or sent through this Site and Services; (i) credential, (ii) contact information or (iii) The Member is responsible for the User Content. The identity and contact information provided for registration is deemed to be up-to-date, accurate and reliable. It is the Member’s responsibility to store the username and password. Aso accepts no responsibility for any incorrect, unlawful or unauthorized use of the username and password. In case of unauthorized and unauthorized use, Aso will also be subject to 3. The Member who caused this is responsible for the damages to be incurred by the persons. All responsibility for transactions made through the membership account, if any, belongs to the Member. Members shall ensure that any information transmitted to the Site and Services or sent through this Site and Services is reliable, accurate, not misleading, 3. that it does not violate the rights of any person, that it is not contrary to the law, that it is presented in good faith and that it has the right to post or transmit such information. The Member is obliged to take the necessary measures and notify Aso as soon as he/she learns that the username and password have been used or attempted to be used without authorization. iv. Commercial Communication: Member, Customer or Users; Aso, other Members and Users, or any third party that Aso does not own or control the operation of. has declared and accepted that electronic messages or commercial electronic messages may be sent from websites operated by individuals, and that it has given prior consent/approval to the sending of electronic messages to be sent through all kinds of electronic communication, whether commercial or not. The Member has the right to revoke this permission / consent at any time and to refuse commercial electronic messages. Rejection requests are processed by Aso within 3 business days at the latest. Rejection paths are shown in electronic messages whose sender is Aso.

9. Intellectual and Industrial Rights: i. The intellectual and industrial property rights of the site belong to Aso. ii. Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual and industrial property/copyright rights or license rights to use the trade logo, trademark, name domain name and other elements on the Site belong to Aso. Unless specifically stated, the conditions written herein do not give Users any right to use or dispose of them. iii. Aso grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-exchangeable license to use the Site Software limited to personal use in order to benefit from the Site and the Services on the Site. All intellectual and industrial property rights other than the specified use belong to Aso and the permission granted to the User does not include any other financial right or license, specific or general. iv. The Site, in whole or in part, may not be copied (including the distribution of copies), reproduced, distributed, published, lent, or its contents altered or destroyed in any way (including by means of printout, disk storage, posting on another site, downloading in any other way). It is forbidden to copy and use the Site elements or forms belonging to Aso published on the Site or to take samples for the purpose of reproduction. v. provided as part of the Services available on the Site. 3. The intellectual property rights of the names, logos, brands and other materials and content belonging to individuals belong to the content providers/rights holders. vi. Any information sent, transmitted, used, created or created by Service Providers/Users to this site or through this site may be used by third parties. It is accepted that the confidentiality of any user/service Content transmitted to individuals is eliminated and does not contain any intellectual and industrial rights/copyright/license rights. When users add any content considered to be confidential or to have intellectual and industrial property rights, it is assumed that this content does not contain a “legal defect” and that they have the right to publish it by digital transmission. Otherwise, the entire responsibility belongs to the User/Service Provider. vii. The User agrees and undertakes not to collect any data contained on the Website and not to access the database of the Website.

10. Collection of Visit Information: When a site is visited, web servers automatically start collecting information to enable the site to communicate with the visitor’s computer. In addition, information such as the number of visits to the website, which part of the website visitors prefer, IP addresses, domain type, browser type date and time, and circulation on the website are monitored, audited and stored. Personal information belonging to Users/Members is stored or given to third parties who provide services on behalf of Aso in order to improve the service provided by Aso to its Members/Users and to provide services recommended by Users/Members. Use of the Site implies the user’s consent to Aso to collect, process and store the specified information. Aso will take the necessary measures for the security of users’ personal information and will take the necessary care within the technological possibilities. Despite Aso’s security measures, Aso cannot be held responsible if the user’s personal information is obtained by third parties.

11. Prohibition of Intervention: Violating or attempting to violate the security of the Site and Services is prohibited. Those who attempt such violations may be subject to criminal proceedings and public prosecution. The person or persons committing the infringement may be held financially, civilly and criminally liable to the person whose rights have been infringed and/or Aso in accordance with the law.

12. Violation of Terms of Use: In case of non-compliance with the “Terms of Use”, “Privacy and Security Terms”, “Sales Agreement” on the site or any attempt to violate the rules, whether the violation is fully realized or not, Aso reserves the right (although not obligatory) to suspend, terminate, cancel the membership of the Users’ access to the Site and Services without prior notice, with the right to reject, remove, delete the information available in the system. This also applies to any indirect breach or attempted breach of the Terms by a third party acting on behalf of the User. Aso’s failure to exercise or enforce any legal right or remedy hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of its rights or an admission of breach.

13. Intellectual Property Infringement Notification: Users who encounter an intellectual or industrial rights infringement may fill out the intellectual rights infringement notification form on the site and send the form to Aso information and contact addresses.

14. Termination: The User may terminate the use of the Site and Services and Membership at any time without any restriction and without notice, unless there is a regulation in a separate Agreement or in the content of the Site. It is mandatory to follow the steps for termination of membership if stipulated on the site. At Aso; (i) the User violates any terms or policies written herein or established by Aso, (ii) the User has no right of use due to legal restrictions, (iii) the termination of Aso’s commercial relationship, if any, with the content and service providers related to the Services utilized by the User and the discontinuation of the Services and services, (iv) pursuant to legislation or decisions of Administrative Regulatory Bodies (v) In the event that access to the Site is no longer possible due to legal regulations or force majeure, (vi) At Aso’s sole discretion, Aso may cancel membership, block or terminate use of the Site for suspension, discontinuance, termination or similar reasons without any notice.

15. Records: In disputes that may arise from the use of the Site and Services, all kinds of computer records, including Aso’s books and communication logs, and e-mail and fax notifications made by Aso to Users constitute conclusive and exclusive evidence.

16. Takeover: Aso may assign this agreement in whole or in part at any time without prior notice.

17. Applicable Provisions: The laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply to disputes that may arise regarding the use of the Site.

18. Authorized Courts and Enforcement Offices: Istanbul (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices shall be authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise regarding the Site and terms of use.

19. Information and Communication: If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use, please write to [email protected] for more information.

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