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Corporate email email services

E-mail is an indispensable communication tool for businesses. Now that all correspondence is done electronically, it is vitally important that emails reach the recipient in a healthy way. All businesses send corporate messages through their corporate e-mail addresses. This is important for the prestige of the business and the brand.

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It seems like a simple process, but when you send an e-mail, the servers and computers between you and the recipient communicate with each other. If your email address is not blacklisted and your IP number is healthy, your mail will be delivered to the recipient within a few minutes at most. However, if your message or correspondence does not reach the recipient, you may face serious problems. This causes serious financial losses as well as loss of labor and time.

Our business, which has a fast and reliable mail server infrastructure for a healthy e-mail service, has been providing hosting and professional email service to its corporate customers since the beginning of the internet, and strives to ensure that your mail works in a healthy way.

We care about your messages.

We care about the messages of our customers to whom we provide e-mail service, and we use all technical facilities to ensure that they reach the recipient in a healthy and short time.

We take care of the health of your E-Mail IP address.

E-mail addresses send messages through the IP number defined for them on the server to which they are connected. The health of IP numbers is very important. If your IP address is blacklisted, it means that your messages get caught in spam databases. In this case, your message will not reach the recipient. We make all technical settings for the health of your Email IPs and monitor them regularly.

We back up all your incoming and outgoing messages on demand

In the event of computer failures, system crashes or Outlook problems in your business, you may also lose your old messages. In this case, you will be able to access your vital old mail through our backup system. We back up all staff emails of your business, including incoming and outgoing.

DKIM for your Corporate E-mail addresses

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), i.e. e-mail authentication with domain name key in Turkish; It is a method of matching the domain name and email used to prevent malicious actions such as fraud, identity theft and email fraud. We use DKIM for all e-mail addresses on our e-mail servers. This also significantly reduces the chances of your messages ending up in spam lists.

SPF, PTR and other DNS settings

The SPF record is a DNS record type and a validation mechanism that checks whether the sender is authorized to send mail for this domain name. Mail servers use this mechanism to prevent spam mail. SPF records are standard for all corporate e-mail addresses.

We hate spam too.

For the health of your daily correspondence, our corporate email addresses are subject to severe restrictions. Bulk messages such as advertisements, announcements and holiday greetings can never be sent through our corporate mail servers and are blocked by our anti-spam scanners.

We’ll block the spam, you focus on your work.

Not only do we not allow spam, but we also filter out 95% of the spam messages we don’t like, preventing spam sent to you from landing in your mailbox. So you can focus on your work.

We provide 24/7 support for your emails.

We make all the necessary adjustments in a short time from opening the e-mail address, setting it up on your computers with the help of remote desktop connection programs, and making it work properly on your mobile phone. We take care of all e-mail problems of our customers that we provide corporate e-mail service and solve them in a short time.

Take advantage of our corporate e-mail service and enjoy hassle-free e-mail service.
Tel: 0212 222 3801.


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