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A 5×5 cm transparent plastic pocket with adhesive backing, prepared to be attached to the front or back cover corners of products such as files, folder corners or photo albums. You can easily remove the product from its carrier and stick it to the edges of your file or album. Used by pasting on two diagonal corners or four corners of your album, file or folder

It is very practical to place printed documents such as brochures, business cards, photo advertisements inside. You can stick them on the covers of your promotional products such as files, folders and place brochures or flyers in the corners. It is enough to use 4 or 2 pieces on a page. You can stick them on the corners of album or photo cardboard envelopes and place the photos in the triangular corners. Again, you can use 2 or 4 for each photo. You can stick just one in the corner of your brochure, catalog, folder, file pocket and attach your business card or information to it.

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This product is also available in 15×15 cm.

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plastic file pocket, plastic folder pocket, adhesive back plastic pocket

plastic corner triangle pvc pocket with plastic adhesive

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