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Outlook mail loss is a very annoying situation for businesses. Failure and formatting of computers, mail losses that may occur as a result of system crashes, lead to serious labor loss for businesses.

Backup your incoming and outgoing mail online. Access your mail with confidence, even decades later.

Backing up your “Incoming” and “Sent” mail for all email addresses of your business is a very simple method that will save you and your business from this annoying situation. You can back up your incoming mail for years and safely on cloud-based servers. You do not need to install any program on your computer.

E-mail backup system is an easy solution designed for all e-mail users. Whether it’s the company email address of the business you work for, hotmail or gmail, we back up all your incoming mail and deliver it to you when you need it.

Review and buy our 100 GB-2000 GB capacity e-mail backup prices

outlook mail backup

Email backup is automatic.

In addition to the company e-mail addresses of your business, it supports many other e-mail configurations such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail. Simply enter your e-mail username and password to start the backup. Your messages are automatically backed up every day.

One-click restore to your inbox

You can easily search your backed up e-mails and restore them to outlook, gmail, yahoo or any other mail client you use with one click. You can restore it to your computer.

Easily search and find your emails

You can easily search and find incoming messages to the email address you have backed up. You can restore all the messages you find to your computer’s inbox. You can also search and access only attachments.

Your mail is 100% safe

We pay particular attention to the security of your mail and its attachments. Your backed up mail and attachments cannot be seen or accessed by anyone other than you. All mail is captured and backed up using SSL or TLS, if available. These backed up messages are encrypted with 256 bit.

If your e-mail address is down, no worries…

If your personal or company email address goes down and you can no longer access your mail, don’t worry. You can access backups of all your e-mails on our web page.

Unlimited capacity, unlimited message backup

Are you receiving too many emails and worried that we are at capacity? You don’t have to worry. With our unlimited GB capacity backup area, we back up all your messages and store them for a lifetime.

Why backup e-mail?

Research shows that every 5 years, 50% of mail is lost as a result of computer and system crashes. In addition, accidental deletions, users deleting their e-mails due to insufficient storage space on computers cause serious loss of labor and financial resources in the enterprise.

  • To avoid data loss
  • To capitalize on business opportunities in lost emails
  • To avoid the high costs of recovery operations
  • You should back up your emails to prevent labor loss.

Select one of the packages you wish to start your email backup.

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