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Barcode Label Program

The easiest way to print barcode labels: Barcode Label Pro v6.1

Barcode Label Pro is a fast and easy label printing program.
Any size, any number, with any printer.
It gets data from MS Excel, Access, Word, Oracle, Text, Paradox, DBF and other ODBC sources. It can output barcodes and labels with this data.

It receives SQL data from your accounting applications and can print labels with this data in one go. Eta, Mikro, Logo and similar stock current accounting programs from export documents, as well as Logo / LKS, Logo Tiger and Nebim commercial software can receive data directly and print barcodes.

  • Tip. When you edit or change data in your programs such as Excel, Access, SQL, the program automatically recognizes them.
MS Excel den barkod etiket basmak

MS Excel prints batch barcoded labels directly from your document

MS Access den barkod etiket basmak

MS Access prints batch barcoded labels directly from your document

SQL den barkod etiket basmak

SQL prints batch barcoded labels directly from your document

Text documents can also batch print barcoded labels from ODBC sources.

What you can do with Barcode Label Pro;

  • Barcode labels
  • Address labels
  • Parcel labels
  • Price tags
  • Shelf labels
  • Measurement labels
  • Photo ID cards
  • Name badges
  • Fair cards
  • Personnel cards
  • New generation barcoded invoice and delivery note
  • Collection, expense, disbursement receipt etc.
  • Organization tickets
  • All kinds of printed documents
  • and all kinds of documents requiring barcodes

Drag and drop the barcode.

Grab a barcode in the barcode column and drag it onto the label. If you are connected to a database, you will see the titles of your data in the “fields” tab, also in the barcode column. Drag your data fields anywhere on the label.

  • Tip: Double click on the barcode to access the barcode properties table.
Barkod etiket programi surukle birak
Ready-made icons make it easy

You can easily print the washing and ironing icons, logos, electrical icons, icons used in industrial standards and many other icons you need on your label with drag and drop.

  • Tip. Grab the ‘Add Icon’ tool from the toolbar and add an icon to your label. Double click on the icon to change it.
 Barkod etiket pro programı ile veri alma Database connection is very easy.

You can print barcodes regardless of which program your product list, barcode numbers and prices are in.

  • Tip. If you want to print barcode labels for all the data in your Excel table, create a link to your Excel table with ‘data link’. Drag and drop your column headers onto the label. And send it to your printer. It’s very easy.

Click here for help.

Excel, MS Access, SQL etc... Where do you want to get data from?

Once you have established your data connection, you will see the headers of your data fields on the barcode screen. Place your table column headers on the label and print them from your printer. Whether 1 or 50 thousand. With one click.

Automatic Barcode

Do you want to print automatic barcodes with sequential numbers and special codes? It’s easy. Enter the barcode properties and use the relevant formula and send the barcodes to your printer.

 Barkod etiket pro ile excel, access veritabanlarından veri alma
Barkod EAN13, CODE128, QR Barkod, Datamatrix Barkod, PDF417 Barkod ISBN, ISSN Supports 42 international barcode standards such as EAN13, CODE128, Datamatrix (QR Code), QR Barcode, PDF417, ISBN, ISSN and more.

The Barcode Label Pro program prints whichever barcode standard you want to use on your label.

If you wish, you can save a barcode you have created as a vector for use in other programs (Illustrator, Indesign, CorelDraw, etc.).

Tip: Right click on the barcode and save it with “Export”.

You can print as many labels as you want for each product.

Barcode label is very functional. For example, you can output labels in separate quantities for each product in your list that you created in Excel program or in your stock program. For this, just open a NUMBER column in your table.

Tip! When printing your label, specify the quantity column in your database as the “Label repeat field to be read from the data”.

Now watch how the program creates labels.

You can watch this video alternatively at this link.

In short, with Barcode Label Pro, you can print any size you want from your laser or barcode printer, which can receive data from any database file.

  • Barcode labels
  • Address labels
  • Parcel labels
  • Price tags
  • Shelf labels
  • Measurement labels
  • Photo ID cards
  • Name badges
  • Fair cards
  • Personnel cards
You can use it in this and many similar applications. With the barcode label pro barcode printing program, you design labels very easily and print them in the size you want from your laser or barcode printer. With the Drag and Drop feature of the Barcode Label Program, it is very easy to place the data in the area you want on your label.
It supports 42 international barcode standards such as EAN13, QR Barcode, PDF 417 Barcode, Datamatrix barcode, CODE39, OCODE39, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-E, CODE128, CODEBAR, PDF417, Datamatrix, ITF 2-5.
Using the mouse in a visual environment, you can easily adjust page layout, page structure settings, label size and properties, and character properties. You can save your label design for reuse.
You can also print the barcode you have prepared as a pdf with a PDF printer, call and use it as a vector in graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, Quark Express, Adobe Indesign.

  •  barkod excel, access, text, sqlMS Excel
  •  MS Access
  •  MS Word
  •  Text
  •  Paradox
  •  DBF
  •  ODBC and OLE DB

can easily retrieve, filter and output labels from sources such as the

Sorting and searching options are available for easy access to long data files.
The total number of labels to be printed is calculated by the program before label printing.
The label printout can either be printed directly to the printer, or it can be printed after first showing a projection on the screen. During the printing of the labels, the desired amount of labels can be left blank from the beginning of the page and other labels can be printed.
Barcode Label Pro is compatible with all printers. You can use it with roll thermal printers or A4 laser printers.
It is very easy to create labels with product information in Excel, Access, SQL…
  • It can get all the data from your table (Excel, access, sql, odbc or stock table of your accounting program).
  • It can print all your labels at once from your printer to A4 label papers or thermal roll labels.
  • Moreover, it prints as many labels as you want from each label (For example; While printing 1 label from the product in the 2nd row of the table, it prints 2 labels from the 25.00 TL
  • Iphone Magnet product in the 3rd row).
  • You can print labels on a part of your product list in your table (broken ones, unusable ones) (For example; You can print 3 labels on the product in the 5th row of the table…)
Tip. The 1st row of your Excel or Access table comes into Barcode Label Pro software as the header row. Only the 1st line should not have spaces and Turkish characters.

What else can you do with Barcode Label Pro?

Barcode Labels, Address Labels, Parcel Labels, Price Labels, Shelf Labels, Measurement Labels, ID Cards… You can design all these very easily and you can print labels with the design you have made all the data in your database. Barcode printing program meets your expectations.

It supports 42 types of international barcode standards from EAN13 to CODE128, PDF417 to QR Barcode (QR Code).

  • Normal counter printing (e.g. print numbers from 0-1000. 0…1…2…3…))
  • Automatic barcode printing
  •  Barcode and counter printing at the same time
  •  Counter printing with formulas (e.g. start at 500 and increase by 20… 500…520…540…)
  •  Automatic barcode printing with formula
  •  Convert number to text
  •  Print time (day, hour, minute, etc.)
  •  Random digit printing
  • Number formatting
  •  Number addition
  •  Convert number to barcode
  •  Averaging
  •  Entering a logical value
  •  Make text uppercase or lowercase
  •  Crop text left or right
  •  Printing as many labels as in stock
  •  ISSN and ISBN printing
  •  and hundreds more features in Barcode Label Pro

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