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cd holder, cd holder, cd hold, cd hold, cd eva, cd cork, cd spider, cd rom cork, cd rom holderThe CD Holder ® (CD Spider) is made of a special material called Polyethylene Foam (eva), which has a special flexibility and retains its form when the CD is inserted and removed.
CD holders are used to attach CDs to all kinds of materials such as brochures, catalogs, cardboard covers. It is self-adhesive.
There are 8 different color alternatives: black, white, gray, yellow, navy blue, red, orange, green. It is very practical with its easily removable carrier.The industrial design patent of this product belongs to our company.

CD holders have high adhesion strength. They are made of two different materials, polyethylene (eva) and PVC. PE CD holders with a special elasticity value, a special texture and dimensions hold the CD so that it does not fall out when inserted. When you remove the CD, it regains its original shape thanks to its flexibility. The thickness of the plastic CD holder is only 3 mm. Thus, it does not make your document thicker.

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cd holder, cd spider types, cd holder

cd holder, cd spider, cd hub, cd foam button, cd eva


CD Holder ® (CD Spider) PVC

cd spider pvc, cd hub, dvd hub, cd-dvd button

With PVC CD Spiders you can easily attach your CDs and DVDs to presentation files, catalogs or special CD/DVD cases. It is self-adhesive. There are black, white and transparent color alternatives.

The raw material has a special hardness and is of very precise dimensions. It grips the CD or DVD very well and will not come off unless you remove it.

CD holders are available in packs of 1020 or rolls of 10,000 and you can buy as many as you need.

Plastic CD holder

CD spider, cd holder, plastic cd dvd holder

Our plastic CD holders are injection molded and self-adhesive on the back. This product can also be used instead of Eva and PVC CD Holders.

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CD Holder (CD Spider) Application

It is very easy to attach your CD or DVD to a cover using a CD holder. You can also watch this in our application video.

In addition to our CD/DVD Holders, we also have plastic (PVC) CD envelopes in the form of stickers. You can also use these self-adhesive CD envelopes to attach CD/DVDs to files, catalogs or CD covers. Click for details.

aso cd holder, cd sponge, cd holder, aso cd spider, aso dvd holder, aso dvd spider, cd

vacuum cd holder, cd sponge, cd spider, cd eva, cd core

PVC CD holder Box. Each box contains 1050 PVC CD holders.
Black, white and transparent options.

eva cd holder, cd sponge, cd spider, cd eva, cd core, dvd holder

A CD holder box made of polyethylene foam. Each box contains 1000 cd holders. With different color options.

cd holder, cd sponge, plastic cd holder, cd spider, adhesive cd sponge, cd holder

cd holder, cd sponge, plastic cd holder, cd spider, adhesive cd sponge, cd holder

CD holder color variants: black, white, red, blue, gray, white, red, blue, gray, brown, orange

Plastic CD holder color variants: black, white and transparent

file cd sponge self adhesive cd holder

foam cd dvd holder

cd holder thickness, height, cd spider

The thickness of the plastic CD holder is only 3 mm.

Click for other CD holder application photos.

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Our company also producesplastic sticker file pockets, plastic sticker business card holders, plastic sticker CD/DVD envelopes, self-adhesive EVA CD holders and PVC vacuum CD holders. Call us for CD holder prices.

How to use the CD holder?



CD holders are ASO Reklam’s patented product.

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