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Search and register your domain name now.

With a domain name, you get features like forwarding, locking, sub-nameservers, advanced dns service for free.

Register your .COM domain name at the best price

Being on the internet starts with a name registration, i.e. domain name registration. internet name registration is the name of your website on the internet. We register your domain names with dozens of extensions such as com, net, org, we open hosting for them on our servers, we open e-mails on your behalf as many times as you want, and we install them.

Register your domain name now.

While international domain extensions such as com, net, org can be registered without a document, local extensions such as,,,, are granted by Middle East Technical University in return for some documents. The most preferred com domain name.

You can use the form below for domain inquiry, you can inquire whether it is suitable for purchase. As a result of domain inquiry, you will also see 1-year registration prices.


After you query your domain name, you can buy it online or you can call us on 02122223801 and purchase a domain name from our sales team.

Which domain is right for me?

If you have a commercial company, the most appropriate extension for it is primarily .com or Domain name extensions are not limited to these, it is possible to get domain names in dozens of extensions such as info, biz, cc.

What kind of documents are required to register a domain?

No documentation is required for domain names such as com or net, org, cc, info, ws. However, if you are going to register domain name for your company, your company’s Trade Registry Gazette, or trademark registration certificate, is sufficient as a document. You can also register domain name only with your Turkish ID. While international domain name registration takes place online, domain names issued by Odtü are registered within 1 day after we receive the necessary documents.

I have a domain name, I want to make a website and use email.

If you have already registered your domain name (com domain name, domain name, etc.), a professional looking website will increase your visibility in the market and consequently your sales. With the registration of your domain name, we help you open and set up your email addresses associated with that domain name on your computers. We realize the construction of your website and ensure its publication.

Our internet domain registration and hosting services are approved by T.C. Telecommunications Authority Communication Presidency (TIB).

Domain names are words that facilitate and memorize the numeric system that allows computers known as IP addresses to communicate with each other.

Web Hosting

We know the needs of corporate companies. In today’s world, where correspondence, offers and orders are now realized over the internet, an uninterrupted and fast internet service is a must. Fast, unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uninterrupted communication, control panel, linux or windows servers…

10 GB FTP space if you wish

We also provide a 10 GB FTP account for large file transfers or backups. Click for details.

For your COM.TR domain name application for your brand or company
Our phones 0 (212) 222 3801 – 222 1608
If your trade registry newspaper or trademark registration certificate is ready for domain name, registration in 1 day.

Servers with Dual Porcessor Multi Core processors
• Microsoft Windows Server
– Red Hat Enterprise Server

MySQL database support
Merak Mail Server, Web-based e-mail support
Plesk Control Panel
Limited hosting on each server
Instant unlimited bandwidth

Click here for more information on the Internet domain name system (DNS).

What happens when you query a domain name (from wikipedia)?

How to query a domain name. For example, what is the IPv4 equivalent of ? For this, the resolver or your computer has to visit several authorized name servers on the Internet. At first there was no ” . ” servers to find the authorized name server IP for the tr TLD. After getting the IP of this IP (the machine name of this IP is or for our country), this authorized name server will be asked for the authorized name server IP hosting the domain name “” and this process will continue and as a result in memory for a certain amount of time based on the information that your machine or the resolver in your /etc/resolv.conf file receives from Google Turkey’s authorized name server. This time is called TTL (time to live). During this time the analyzer will store the necessary information in its memory. For DjbDNS this is 42 minutes unless otherwise specified. This can be done in 5 seconds depending on the installation. (Indeed, if you have multiple www servers and want to load balance between them using a rotating tournament, this second value will be used).

  • com : Indicates commercial organizations.
  • edu : Indicates educational institutions.
  • org : Non-commercial, non-governmental organizations.
  • net : Indicates the networks that act as the Internet backbone.
  • gov : Indicates institutions under the government.
  • mil : Indicates military institutions.
  • num : Shows where you can find phone numbers.
  • arpa : Indicates where a reverse DNS query can be made.

Recently, names such as biz or tv have been added to these field names.

Domain names are used in a structure called a tree structure, which branches according to a certain rule.

With the exception of the United States, addresses in all countries connected to the Internet end with the ISO3166 country code of that country. All subdomain addresses in Turkey end with .tr. For example;

  • tr is Turkey,
  • gov subdomain is a state institution
  • ulakbim this state institution
  • marine shows a machine in this institution.

Click here to see domain extensions by country.

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