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Mini Pallet (Multi-purpose wooden pallet for cube notepads or coasters)

Mini pallet is a product made of wood used for different purposes and produced in 8×12 cm, 8×8 cm, 9x11cm and similar sizes. The mini pallet, which is created by combining small wooden sticks that have been carefully chiseled and sanded to a smooth surface, can be used for different purposes such as cube notepad pallet, under glasses or as a hobby. It is frequently used by printing houses, advertising agencies, promotion companies. The mini wooden pallet is a bright idea for logistics, transportation, customs companies, as well as businesses providing sea, air and road transportation services. Inspired by life-size pallets and produced in mini size. Please call us for the production and sale of small wooden pallets.

Our mini wooden pallets can be produced in different sizes according to your request, but some standard sizes are usually in stock. If you want to buy in small quantities, standard sizes will be more economical for you. You can pick up our mini pallet products from our warehouse, or we also ship them by cargo.

The mini wooden pallets used for promotion are of high quality and unique structure. The surface is made with 3 or 5 parallel bars in different combinations. The smooth softness of its surface gives it a look that will increase the value of your designs.

Please call us for wholesale price information and purchase.

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