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Plastic pocket products are specially designed and manufactured products that are used in different sectors and for different purposes. Plastic pocket products are produced from PVC or CPP materials in different thicknesses by frequency method. It is designed depending on your intended use. It allows you to protect, catalog, archive and preserve your product documents for a long time. For example, you can use our plastic pocket products with adhesive backing to attach them to product crates or parcels and to transport your invoices and other product content information in a protected way. These pockets protect your documents from rain, wind and other adverse environments.

These pockets are also used as price tags in markets and stores. We can also design and produce invoice pockets, license pockets, CD pockets, business card pockets in the sizes you want. These pockets are also used for gluing folder spines and inserting your archiving cards.

We can produce with or without adhesive on the back, as well as from transparent or semi-transparent PVC materials of different thicknesses.

If you wish, we can also design it with magnetic tape on the back. PVC pockets with magnetic tape make it easy to attach and detach your pockets to your cars, appliances or machines.

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