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Adhesive Velcro Tape for Product Card Covers and Velcro Tape Use on Product Samples

A product card is a sample catalog containing samples of any product and used for customer presentation. Round and adhesive Velcro tape is used to open and close the product card boxes. Round or strip Velcro is also used for placing the products on the card pages. These Velcro tapes are self-adhesive and ensure that the product is fixed on the cardboard. It allows you to take it on and off or change the sample at any time.

  1. Convenience and Fast Handling: Velcro straps provide a quick and easy way to open and close the product carton.
  2. Secure Grip: Velcro straps ensure that the samples in the carton are held securely in place. This prevents products from falling or slipping, making the presentation look more professional and organized.
  3. Aesthetic and Clean Look: Velcro strips are glued to the outside of the carton boxes so they are not visible from the inside. This can help cartons present a clean and aesthetic appearance.
  4. Flexibility: Round velcro tapes are available in different sizes and thicknesses. This ensures that you can choose Velcro tapes to suit different requirements and different dimensions for various product cards.
  5. Customer Care: Samples in the product swatch can generate more interest by allowing customers to actually inspect and touch the products.Hangi ürünlerde kullanılır
  1. Clothing and Fashion Products:
    • Rumas and color swatches are placed on the card stock and can be attached with Velcro straps.
    • It can be used especially to show color, pattern or stitch details.
    • Accessories (belts, shawls, gloves, etc.) can be displayed similarly to the swatches, attached with Velcro straps.
  2. Cosmetic Products:
    • Makeup products or skin care products can be fixed on the cards with Velcro straps. Easy to remove, replace and present.
    • Velcro tape is used on the swatch to show the colors and texture of products such as lipstick, eyeshadow or blush.
  3. Furniture and Decoration Products:
    • Upholstery fabrics or stitching details of furniture pieces can be attached to the card with Velcro strips.
    • Decorative objects or furniture accessories can be displayed in a similar way. Fabric and color swatches increase sales.
  4. Electronic Products:
    • Samples of electronic accessories (e.g. cables, diodes, capacitors, colors) can be placed on the board and secured with Velcro strips. You can also use Velcro tape to open and close the cardboard box.
    • The cable can be used to show colors or different usage scenarios.
  5. Building Materials:
    • Samples of building products such as tiles, wallpaper or flooring materials can be fixed to the card stock with Velcro straps. New samples are easy to add or remove.
  6. Food and Beverage Products:
    • Packaging of food products or beverage cans can be visually displayed by attaching them to the cardboard with Velcro straps.
    • It can be used especially to highlight color or flavor options.
  7. Automotive Products:
    • Car upholstery fabrics or stitching details can be displayed on the card, secured with Velcro straps.
    • Can be used to show paint colors or coating options.
  8. Sports and Outdoor Products:
    • Samples of products such as sports shoes, outdoor clothing products can be visually displayed by attaching them to the cardboard with Velcro straps.
    • It can be useful for technological features or durability details.
  9. Home Appliances and Electrical Products:
    • The use of charts is common in the small household appliances sector. Product colors and patterns are shown on the card.
  10. Health and Medical Products:
    • Samples of medical devices or healthcare products can be attached to the chart with Velcro straps.
    • They can be used to provide explanations of the product’s functions or uses.
  11. Toys and Entertainment Products:
    • Display samples with Velcro straps on the cardstock to show different features or movement mechanisms of the toys.
    • It can be useful for holding together various parts of play sets or interactive toys.
  12. Design and Art Products:
    • Small samples of artwork or design products can be displayed on the cardstock, secured with Velcro straps.
    • Available for color options or different sizes.

Each industry and product type has unique requirements. It is important to adapt your product card design and the use of Velcro to best showcase your products and give customers the information they need.

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