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Agenda or Notebook Production for Your Business

Agenda with calendar or notebook? Companies that want to give permanent products to their customers as promotions make products such as adhesive note holders, organizers, notebooks, pens, lighters, cloth bags, cube notepads. In these products, the question of “organizer or notebook” is a question we constantly encounter.

An organizer with a calendar and a notebook without a calendar have advantages over each other.

Agendas contain daily, weekly and yearly calendars and are designed with special markings that separate each page into a day. Users therefore generally use one page for each day to keep notes. At the end of the year, the use of the calendar is over and users start using the calendar for the next year. On the other hand, it is an inefficient way of use. Most of the pages in the agendas are left blank and the notes disappear between the dated pages and become hard-to-find notes. The fact that all the pages of the agendas are thrown away at the end of the year before they are finished also leads to paper waste.

For this reason, notebooks are much more efficient and long-lasting than organizers. Since there is no date on it, each page can be used until the last line. Since there is no restriction on the end of the year, it can be used in the following year and in the following years as long as the cover and stitching are intact. First of all, this prevents paper waste and the promotional notebooks that companies have made once remain in circulation for years. I am still using the hard cover, leather cover, thread stitching notebook we made for the MasterCard brand in 2017.

Company or product promotion pages can be printed between the notebook pages, corporate logo or slogan on each page, and sector-specific information on the first and last pages. As a result, using a notebook instead of an organizer is both advantageous and environmentally friendly.

In the meantime, contact us for detailed information and other solutions.

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