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Anti-scratch multi-purpose adhesive eva sponge for the bottom of cups and other products

Eva Sponge: The Perfect Anti-Slip and Anti-Scratch Solution for Coaster Bases and Store Displays

Introduction Paragraph: Used for coasters and shop windows, eva foam offers a practical solution with its anti-slip and anti-scratch properties. This 1.5 cm diameter and 3 mm high eva sponge with adhesive backing is used in a wide variety of areas in both homes and workplaces. It is also used as a support sponge in product packaging and boxes.

Perfect Non-Slip Feature One of the most prominent features of eva sponge is its non-slip properties. When used under glasses, the adhesive back of the sponge keeps the glasses in place on the table or coffee table. Thus, it prevents accidents that may occur as a result of slipping glasses. Likewise, when adhered to the base of products in store windows, it prevents the products on display from slipping. This feature is an important factor in the preference of eva sponge used in both daily life and commercial environments.

Anti-Scratch Protection Eva foam is an ideal option to prevent not only slipping but also scratches. When used under coasters, the soft and flexible structure of the sponge prevents scratches on the table or coffee table. Thus, it prevents permanent damage to the surface of your furniture. When used in store showcases, the eva sponge placed under the products prevents scratching of the showcase glass, ensuring that the products on display always look beautiful and flawless.

Multipurpose Use and Additional Benefits The use of Eva foam is not limited to coaster bases or shop displays. This versatile product is also used as a support foam in product packaging and boxes. It is an ideal solution to prevent breakage and damage to products during transportation. Eva foam stabilizes the products in the packaging, providing protection against impacts and minimizing damage during transportation. In addition, the flexible and lightweight structure of the sponge provides additional support without increasing the weight of the packaging. You can stick it on the inner edges of product boxes.

Eva foam is a versatile product used for coaster bases, shop displays and product packaging. It offers a practical solution thanks to its anti-slip and anti-scratch properties. Preferred in both homes and commercial environments, eva sponge is an ideal option for the safety and protection of products. It keeps your glasses stable, protects your furniture against scratches and prevents damage to products during transportation. The use, practicality and benefits of eva sponge are of significant value for both home users and businesses.

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