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Barcode Lines and Symbols


There is not enough space on EAN-8 product packages to print EAN 13 used in situations. Only 7 digits are numbers and 8 digits are check digits.

EAN 13

EAN English “International Article Numbering Association” is an abbreviated form of the words.

The EAN-13 system is a barcode system derived from the UPC system.
The barcode consists only of numbers. 13 digits are the check digit.

Code 39

Code 39 is a commonly used barcode symbol. Capital letter only and numbers are used in printing.(1234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-. *$/+%.)

Code 39 Full

Using the full ASCI characters of the Code 39 barcode symbol version.

Code 93

Code 39 has been developed to print at higher density is the form. Only numbers and capital letters are used.

Code 93 Full

Code 39 has been developed to print at higher density version. All ASCII characters can be used.

Code 128

Code 128 is one of the most widely used barcode standards. Full Using 128 character sets, it prints at an easy-to-read density.

Code 128 has three subtypes.

Code 128 A, Code 128 B and Code 128 C. When Code 128 is selected in the program, the most appropriate subset is automatically used.

Code 128 A

Full ASCII and only uppercase 26 letters.

Code 128 B

Full ASCII and upper case.

Code 128 C

Numbers between 00 and 99 are used in double density.


It was developed by Pitney Bowes, Inc. in 1972.

0123456789-$:/.+abcdtn*eABCDETN can use characters.

This symbol is used by American blood banks, photo labs and FedEx used by airbills.

2/5 Datalogic

Developed in 1979 by Datalogic.

2/5 Interleaved

Typically used in warehouse and industrial applications. To be coded The information must be an even number and uses only digits.

2/5 Matrix

In the Netherlands by the Nieaf Company
has been developed. This type of barcode is used in industrial applications, article numbering, photo publishing, ticketing, etc. and only numbers are valid.

2/5 Industrial

Only numeric values are used and no control algorithm is not included.

2/5 IATA

IATA (International Air Transport Assosiation, International Air Transportation Association).

2/5 Invert

2/5 Industrial is similar. Coding lines are white.


ITF Global Trade Item Numbers
derived by the union using the Interleaved 2/5 infrastructure.

It is generally used on product parcels.


Used in the retail system in the United States. 11 digit and 12 digits is the control number. It is similar to the EAN coding system.


The barcode must start with 1 or 0. Last digit for checking used.


Used for the transportation of parcels of UPC or EAN products.


JAN-8 (Japanese Article Numbering) is the Japanese equivalent of EAN-8.
Must start with 45 or 49.


JAN-13 (Japanese Article Numbering) is the Japanese equivalent of EAN-13.
Must start with 45 or 49.


Used by the United States postal service.

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