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Create a new label design

Follow the steps by pressing the New label key.

Step 1 Loads blank label or previously saved label designs.
If you select the existing label format, the Select button is active and the previous label
You can upload one of your designs.

If you select the blank label format, step 2 is printer selection
screen appears.

Step 2 Printer selection is important here. Barcode symbols will be displayed on this selected
is drawn according to the dpi of the printer. Printers with different dpi
barcode line widths are automatically calculated in printers.
Step 3 Select between custom settings or label templates on this screen you can make.

Label Templates; most label brands available on the market have laser or under the brand and brand of label sizes produced for barcode printers You can choose from a variety of options

You can see the preview on the side as the selection changes

Step 4 In this step, the label and page settings
you can change the dimensions again.

Press the Finish button to change the label sizes
will be prepared.


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