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Data filtering, printing the desired data

Barcode Label Pro v5.0 includes an advanced filtering system. this way,

  • You can print a label from the list in your database (e.g. print a label for a product or products with barcode number 123456789012)
  • You can filter and print the labels you want (e.g. print labels with sequence number less than 500).
  • You can print barcode labels with the desired data range (e.g. print labels with sequence numbers 150 to 300)
  • Or you can filter a product code you want and print labels (e.g. print labels for products with blue code)

Barcode Label program to do all this

  • Go to Settings > database
  • right click on the row number or any cell in the data table that will appear and filter it as you wish. (if you do not have a row number in your database, open your table and add a row number)
  • Click “OK” and print the labels you have filtered.

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