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PDF417 Creating a Barcode

PDF417 Barcode

PDF417 is the next generation of 2D barcodes. It can store approximately 2700 bytes of any numeric, alphanumeric information. 2D barcode readers are required to read it. By Symbol Technologies
developed. Publicly available. The most common two-dimensional barcode


Double-click barcode properties on the design screen
you can change it. Features are divided into 3 tabs in the program.


Safe Drawing Draws the barcode according to the printer’s dpi.
Number of Row The number of lines of the barcode to repeat.
Number of Columns The number of columns of the barcode to repeat.
Mode Barcode drawing mode.
Type Standard, Truncated ve Micro.
Color Barcode color.
Floor Color Barcode background color.


The Resource tab is divided into three sections. These sections are

Screen This section is for freehand writing. 1D barcode formats do not support Turkish characters.
Database In this section you can link fields in the database. Fields column will bring up all the fields in the database, from these fields You can select numeric, date or text fields.
Script This section is used for special operations. Multiple data field, not collecting data fields, or not collecting the data fields in the images above like writing text before or after the data fields as seen you can perform operations.

When the formula key is pressed, the operations to be performed are displayed and will guide you.


In this tab, you can see the area of the rectangle in which the barcode is located. coordinates values such as height, width and angle you can change it.

X The x or top left starting position of the barcode rectangle on the label.
Y The y or bottom end of the barcode rectangle on the label.
Width Width of the barcode area.
Height Height of the barcode area.
Angle Angle of the barcode area from 0…360. (Old readers 0,90,180,270,270,360 It cannot read barcodes at angles other than angles).

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