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Velcro Tape Manufacturers and Adhesive Round Velcro Tape

In order to buy Velcro tapes at the cheapest and wholesale price, doing business directly with Velcro tape manufacturers and wholesalers may be the best option. This way, instead of paying the commission of intermediaries, you can have a more affordable price by buying directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler.

Aso Industrial department, with its round velcro tape products, offers adhesive velcro tape products to you, industrialists and business world, first hand, at the most affordable prices. Aso Industrial is the most important velcro tape manufacturer in the sector.

Velcro tapes are sold by many different manufacturers and wholesalers. You can easily find Velcro tape manufacturers and wholesalers by searching online. You can choose the most suitable option by comparing factors such as product features, quality, price and delivery time. However, you can get it from us in the most convenient and fastest way. As a Velcro tape manufacturer, we constantly keep stock and deliver it to you with same day shipping.

You can also make bulk purchases by contacting manufacturers or wholesalers directly for large purchases. For bulk purchases, we can offer higher discounts and more favorable prices.

Before buying adhesive and non-adhesive Velcro tape, you can request a sample to get information about its quality and performance. In this way, you can buy a quality Velcro tape product at the most affordable price.

Velcro tape is a type of adhesive tape used in many different applications. Known and used by almost everyone, it is used in many industries and households for various purposes.

What is Velcro tape?

Velcro straps usually consist of a hook and loop part. The hook part is made of a hard plastic and has thin, small hooks. The loop is a soft surface to match the hooks and is covered with a sticky backing. Thanks to this adhesive backing, Velcro can easily stick to many different surfaces. Velcro tapes can be strip or round cut.

Hook and loop tapes are produced by combining different materials used in many different industries. The hook part is made of a hard plastic such as polypropylene or nylon. The loop part is made of a soft material such as nylon or polyester. These materials are coated with an adhesive and then cut to the desired size with scissors or a specialized cutting machine.

Velcro tapes are used for many different purposes. At home, Velcro tapes can be used to fasten carpets, curtains or other decorative materials. In industry, Velcro tapes can be used for cable tying, product packaging and assembly. They are also used in the military and defense industry.

Velcro tapes have many advantages. The most important of these is their easy use. Velcro tapes allow users to stick them on quickly and easily like an adhesive tape. They are also easy to remove. This makes them ideal for temporary fixing. Velcro tapes also adhere easily to most surfaces and are water, heat and UV resistant.

Where are Velcro tapes used?

  • Industrial sectors: Velcro tapes are widely used in industrial sectors. They are used for many purposes such as cable tying, product packaging, assembly processes, product fixing for air transportation.
  • Automotive sector: In the automotive sector, Velcro straps are used for fixing upholstery, carpets and seats in the interior of vehicles.
  • Medical sector: In the medical sector, Velcro tapes are used for many purposes such as dressings, fixing prostheses, fastening medical devices.
  • Home decoration: In home decoration, Velcro tapes are used for fixing curtains, keeping carpets in place, wall hangers, lighting systems and many other purposes.
  • Military sector: In the military sector, Velcro straps are used to secure equipment and clothing.
  • Aviation sector: In the aviation industry, Velcro straps are used for securing equipment and cable routing on board aircraft.
  • Packaging and Printing: In the packaging industry, Velcro tapes are used to fasten products during the packaging process.

What are the sizes?

We produce adhesive velcro tapes in many different sizes and specifications. As standard, velcro tapes are usually available in widths of 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 100mm. However, wider or narrower velcro tapes can also be produced for special applications.

The length of velcro tapes also varies according to the manufacturers. A roll of Velcro tape is usually 25 meters long on average. However, longer or shorter Velcro tapes are also available depending on the intended use and need.

In addition to these sectors, Velcro tapes can be used for many different purposes. This is because Velcro is an affordable, easy-to-use and practical adhesive tape that can adapt to many surfaces.

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