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Wooden Cup Bottom

Wooden coasters made of log wood slices create a very natural look. Silk screen durable printing can be made on wooden coasters as well as hot cliché printing.

Hot printing is formed by burning the wood through the plate. Wood diameters can vary between 8-10 cm. Natural cracks may occur from time to time under the log wooden glasses. It is generally made of pine wood. Special packaging is made upon request. It is also shipped as a set by connecting with natural rope. Please call us for the production of wooden coasters.

Ahşap Bardak Altı

Marka Logo Ahşap Bardak AltıLogo Ahşap Bardak AltıAhşap Bardak Altı Marka Baskılı

Logo Baskılı Ahşap Bardak AltıMarka Baskılı Ahşap Bardak Altı

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ahşap bardak altı

ahşap bardak altı

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