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Christmas Printed Promotional Products

As we approach a new year, various promotional products are a good promotional tool to strengthen your company’s corporate identity, reinforce brand perception on your customers, and ensure that your products, names and brands are memorable throughout the year. Promotional product selection and design constitute a large part of our year-end agency work.

This year, we can list the promozyon products that are predominantly made as follows.

Promotional notebook: 100 or 250 pages, 70 gr 1st pulp paper, checkered, logo printed on each page, technical and general information about your sector on the first pages, mini calendar for at least 3 years, your product promotion pages between the notebooks.

Agenda: Daily, weekly or monthly agenda can be made with leather cover or hard cover. Agendas used throughout the year are an important promotional product that ensures the memorability of your brand.

Adhesive note holder: It is the most popular promotional product of recent years. Custom logo printing on colored or white adhesive note holder pages, hard cover or cardboard cover design. You can call us to see the most suitable adhesive paper note holder design for you.

Cardboard or cloth bag:You can have printed cardboard or cloth bags made so that you can present your catalogs, brochures and other promotional products collectively, especially at fairs or seminars. Specially designed cardboard or cloth bags that can be easily selected by everyone are a good advertising product.

Desk calendar/Wall calendar: It is one of the oldest known promotional products. Apart from the classic calendar, it ensures that your brand and products are visible on the table or wall throughout the year by using special photos.

Turkey Highways Map: It is a different type of promotion. A highway map on one side and a special work of your company on the other. A product that should be in the glove compartment of all vehicles.

USB stick: It is one of the preferred products in recent years that we produce with logo printed in different capacities. USB memory (flash memory) is available in many different shapes. It can be in the form of a keychain or credit card. We can upload a movie, promotional brochure or company promotional content that we have specially prepared for you into USB sticks. This content covers part of the capacity of the USB stick. Your customer continues to use the empty part for their own needs.

School set: Brand and name memories of young children are incredibly strong. We can produce school supplies such as branded pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers as sets that you can distribute to children as promotional items.

You can view our other products on our website

Contact us without delay and we will provide you with the most suitable promotional solution for your potential customers at the end of the year.

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